The Saints can’t wear home jerseys Sunday because Sean Payton lost a golf bet

Thanks to one of the more creative golf wagers we’ve seen around these parts, the New Orleans Saints will be forced to wear their road white jerseys while hosting the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday at the Superdome.

Apparently Saints coach Sean Payton got paired up with Eagles coach Doug Pederson during an annual golf outing at the NFL owner’s meetings in Orlando, and they wanted to make things interesting.

According to an report, they settled on uniform selection for the stakes.

“We wanted to liven up the match, and we decided to bet and we chose jersey colors,” Pederson said. “Three holes into it, ended up beating him, and that was it.”

The home team always gets to pick its jersey color and most weeks the Saints go with black at the Superdome, but it’s not all all that unusual to see teams wearing home whites from time to time.

The best part about this bet is the fact that it became public knowledge. Few would have thought twice about seeing the Saints in white and the Eagles in green Sunday, but now everyone in New Orleans knows the reason.

Their beloved Saints are wearing the more passive home jerseys because their coach couldn’t get it done on the golf course. They’re the hottest team in football at 8-1 and recently emerged as a legit Super Bowl favorite, but Pederson is the superior golfer and Payton’s players will suffer the indignity as a result.

New Orleans enters the game as a 9-point favorite in most books, and we’ll see if Payton can redeem himself with a victory on the field come Sunday.



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