Low tide for Justin Thomas as Alabama gets crushed by Clemson

Justin Thomas won an NCAA golf title at the University of Alabama a year after winning the Haskins Trophy while playing for the Crimson Tide.

He remains loyal to the school and tight with Alabama football coach Nick Saban.

Thomas Tweeted during throughout Clemson’s 44-16 demolition of Alabama in the National Championship game Monday night.

It was not a good night for Thomas or anyone associated with the Crimson Tide.

The night began with Clemson turning a pick-six and the Tigers were off and running.

And Alabama’s defense wasn’t doing much better.

Clemson had it wrapped up midway through the third quarter. Alabama would be shut out in the second half.

Thomas pondered a question many of us remain unable to answer.

When all is lost, you can always blame the refs, right?

And the final stage of death, acceptance.

Congrats to the 15-0 Tigers on a job well done.

For Thomas and the rest of the college football world, rest easy.

The first full weekend of the season is only 235 days away.



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